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Point Nine During Covid-19

2020-03-31 05:03:45

Fellow  Professionals,

We, at Point Nine, are committed to our responsibilities against our people and partners and we are determined to work with our partners to seamlessly carry on operations necessary to stabilizing the financial system; an obligatory route to safeguard the system during this critical time when markets are extremely volatile without jeopardizing our number one priority: Protecting the safety of our people, their families and loved ones.

How are we succeeding this?

  1. From the beginning of Point Nine, we designed an operational infrastructure allowing our people to work remotely when desired or needed which shielded us from any disruption to making that possible now. Our people are extending their operations from their safety of their homes harmoniously.
  2. Point Nine has seen increased number of trades processed and reported across all asset classes. Our standards remain consistent during these peaks and controls remain robust, rest assured.
  3. Albeit the circumstances, we continue to onboard new partners and grow our network of partners who trust us.

Transparency and enhanced collaboration are more important at times like these. We want you to know how much we value our partnership. We encourage you to reach out if there is anything our team can do to help during these unprecedented times through  info@p9dt.com  or call us at +357 25833800.

Stay Safe!

Point Nine Team

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