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Regulatory Reporting

Point Nine RegTech
The Point Nine Approach
  • Regulatory Reporting Technology

    Peace of mind with our end-to-end solution

    Many organizations have adopted our proprietary technology, a regulatory solution that is highly flexible. Our technology has facilitated the processing and submission of over 7 billion reports and has served more than 100 legal entities so far. It is tailored to assist companies in fulfilling their regulatory reporting obligations and achieving compliance with all applicable regulations.


  • Regulatory Reporting as a Service

    Financial institutions, service providers, and corporations are required by regulators to submit precise and timely data to trade repositories (TR), approved reporting mechanisms (ARM), and national competent authorities (NCA). At Point Nine, we understand the complexities involved in meeting these demands. Our state-of-the-art technology and end-to-end services are designed to alleviate the burden and make the process more efficient and dependable.

Reporting Solution
  • Benefits

    Our proprietary, cloud-based technology and knowledgeable, talented team empower clients to:

    • Report
    • In multiple jurisdictions
    • All asset classes
    • In multiple formats and sources
    • Own delegated reporting
    • Receive comprehensive end of day email reports
    • Automate error handling
    • Have timely and quality reporting
  • The PointNine Approach

    Point Nine processes data from various sources, covers all asset classes, translates and submits the reports to trade repositories in the required formats, and also handles acknowledgment messages.

    The Point Nine approach provides the following:

    • Fully automated solution
    • Data enrichment
    • Validations as per regulations
    • Bespoke Validations and Rules
    • UTI Generation/Management
    • Collateral reporting
    • Valuation reporting
    • Trade/Transaction/Position reporting
    • File creation and certification
    • Success/Failure notifications
    • Exception Management
    • Connectivity to Trade Repos, and/or ARMs
    • Assistance in eligibility of reportable financial instruments
    • Full audit trail
    • Access to P9 web portal
    • Comprehensive end of day email notifications
    • Security via Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure
    • Updated solution as per ESMA/NCAs reporting requirements.

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