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Point Nine is an industry-leading team of experts specializing in trade processing and reporting.
  • Point Nine Data Trust recently became a dedicated regulatory reporting firm, a separate entity from Point Nine Limited to focus on providing trade/transaction reporting services to legal entities across the globe.

    Founded in 2002, Point Nine collaborates with both buy- and sell-side financial firms, service providers, and corporations to help them ensure high-quality and accurate reporting to remain compliant with the following:

    • Australia ASIC
    • Singapore MAS
    • Switzerland FinfraG
  • Point Nine uses their in-house proprietary technology, to provide an in-class solution to all customers and regulatory reporting requirements.

    Since October 2015 we have processed and reported more than 6.3 billion transactions across all asset classes and have served over 100 legal entities to date.

Our Team
Our team is your team. We are proud of our team’s industry knowledge and we commit to keeping abreast of the latest changes in regulations. We are smart, fun, and driven. When you need to allocate time, budget and resources to profit-making operations, you need Point Nine to take care of your reporting needs. Get to know your team:
Antreas Artemiou
Antreas Artemiou is a result-driven professional and curious for examining every perspective. His curiosity is contagious, always resulting in fruitful conversations sharing knowledge and perspective.
Aleksandr Liavonchyk
Financial Developer
Aleksandr Liavonchyk is always willing to help and keep up-to-date, whether it is his subject or things he's passionate about and that passion is contagious, aspiring and healthy to have around. Proactively chooses to get things done and that choice spreads to those around him.
Alexia Kokkinou
Head Of Client Success
Alexia Kokkinou's observance and analytical mind can be mistaken for shyness. Her attention to details and critical thinking is the driver of her success and her aspiring confidence. Alexia is one to rely on and she is never shy from supporting the team!
Nicolas Nicolaou
Business and Data Analyst
Nicolas Nicolaou is the framework of a researcher. His curiosity reached the study of high energy astrophysical phenomena and the construction of realistic Python models. A true problem solver and solid team player.
Ildar Ahmadullin
IT Developer
Ildar Ahmadullin loves building convenient tools and making things simpler and easier in every possible way.
Denis Morozov
Financial Developer
Denis Morozov is a curious and inventive person who is always trying to find the best solution in given conditions. Easy-to-communicate, he is always trying to help another person.
Alan Dzhanaev
Client Success Manager
Alan Dzhanaev is an extensively experienced Reporting Analyst with demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry. Strong finance professional, graduated from Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, he is constantly seeking quality improvement.
Christina Barbash
Business Development Manager
Christina Barbash is results-oriented professional with many years of experience in business development and client relation management. Always looking to present innovative ideas using a variety of media.
Len Fricker
Business Development Manager
Throughout his career Len has embraced the principles of integrity, honesty and trust which are critical to delivering mission critical services to clients. To be trusted by a client to enable them to comply with complex, often onerous regulations is a great responsibility.
Polina Panayi
Office Administrator
An ambitious and driven person who thrives on challenges and constantly set goals for herself to have something to strive toward. Not comfortable with settling, and always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.
Andreas Roussos
Andreas Roussos is a versatile financial, business, and operations executive with extensive portfolio of leadership successes across wide range of organisations, including highly regulated functional platforms. Committed to excellence while driving optimal allocation of resources and talents.
Nestoras Nestorides
Chief Operating Officer
Nestoras is a strategic, results-oriented executive with strong leadership, managerial and communication skills. His initiatives contribute to long-term operational excellence, shaping the development of departmental strategy and organization while improving the effectiveness of all operations.
Theo Mallas
Head of Marketing
Theo is conscientious, creative and dynamic yet deceptively simple. Interested in psychology and cognitive behavior, he stands for empathy and diversity while finds pleasure in challenging conformity. A bon-viveur who does not take things seriously but is serious about things.
Demetra Efstathiou
Digital Marketing Manager
Demetra is a motivated and open-minded person, always on the lookout for new challenges. She strongly believes that setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible. Passionated professional who loves meeting new people.
Afroditi Anthi
Business and Data Analyst
Afroditi Anthi is a positive force with an ability to muti-task, work under pressure and maintain strict levels of confidentiality. “ I had studied Nuclear Physics but don't worry I will not explode anything” she adds. An animal lover with aptitude for wellness, both physical and spiritual.
Chris Rowe
Business Development Manager
Chris is a hard working individual with the ability to grow businesses and allow them to achieve their potential in the market-place topped with a great insight on what makes a business successful. When Chris is not hard at work, he spends quality time with his wife, two children and two dogs.
Dmitry Koudrin
IT Developer
Dmtriy Koudrin is an admirable example of loyalty to the team and his subject which is respectable and inspiring. His commitment and passion for whatever it is that he choses to engage with helps him to excel in it.
Gianna Phylactou
Office Manager
Gianna Phylactou is one you can always rely on. Her attentive nature is one that comforts you and her open ear strengthens you. Her love and affection for animals assures how empathetic she is.
Kirill Akatov
IT Developer
Kirill Akatov is a highly motivated and reliable IT Specialist. Persistent, determnined and eager to challenge anything thrown his way. He, naturally, keeps everyone around him excited maintaining a positive energy with his presence.
Neofytos Neokleous
IT Administrator
Neofytos is passionate and a hard-worker. He recently completed his undergraduate studies and is preparing for a postgraduate degree in Data Science and Analytics. "I'm excited for the challenge of combining academia and practice here at Point Nine" he says, "and thrilled of the opportunity."
Elie Sarkis
Front-End Developer
Elie Sarkis is a highly motivated and reliable IT developer who is always seeking to find the best version of himself in every single aspect. Determined to achieve his goals, no matter the challenges. Loves travelling and meeting people from different cultures.

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