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Point Nine Enhances Data Integration with UPI Standard in UAT Phase

2023-04-25 08:04:04

Unique Product Identifier (UPI) – ISO 4914:2021 have become increasingly important in the financial industry for its ability to improve transparency and reduce the risk of market abuse. As a globally unique identifier assigned to each over-the-counter (OTC) derivative product, the UPI is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements for reporting transactions under regulations such as EMIR REFIT.

Point Nine is proud to be integrating with ANNA-DSB to obtain UPIs on a T+1 basis, ensuring compliance with regulatory reporting obligations for OTC derivative transactions. This integration will allow Point Nine to provide its clients with access to accurate and up-to-date UPIs, simplifying their reporting processes and facilitating better risk management.

But that’s not all. Point Nine also plans to offer a data enrichment capability using the UPI, providing additional data points related to the financial instrument, such as its Underlier Name, Classification, and other characteristics.

In conclusion, the UPI is a critical component of financial market transparency and regulation, and Point Nine is proud to be at the forefront of its integration and use for the benefit of its clients. Here’s a sample of UPI data extracted from ANNA-DSB UAT:

Unique Product Identifier (UPI) - ISO 4914:2021

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