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Point Nine New Website, New Look, Same Values

2019-10-16 01:10:32

October 2019, CYPRUS. In an effort to get the word out about their new venture, Point Nine Data Trust launches a new website. Even with a slightly different look, Point Nine still follows and operates by the same customer values of significant savings, efficiency, and productivity, and full transparency to customers.

A Dedicated Regulatory Firm

Originally founded in 2002, Point Nine collaborates with both buy- and sell-side financial firms, service providers, and corporations to help them ensure high-quality and accurate reporting to remain compliant with EMIR, MiFID II / MiFIR, AIFMD, and more.

In 2019, Point Nine established Point Nine Data Trust, a subsidiary firm dedicated to providing regulatory reporting as a service, a separate entity from Point Nine Limited.

New Look, Same Values

In an effort to better serve clients and provide them with dedicated reporting services, Point Nine follows the same values of significant savings, efficiency and productivity, and full transparency to all clients.

Significant Savings. Performing trade/transaction reporting internally requires a significant investment. Most companies, firms, and enterprises do not have the following resources to support internal trade/transaction reporting:

  • Compliance / legal
  • Business / Data analysis
  • IT resources
  • Project Management

Additionally, because trade/transaction reporting is still new to the European financial market (as of only 2014), there is a lack of experienced resources in this field. As a result, the lack of experienced resources and learning curve, coupled with the investments associated with recruiting and staffing resources, costs can significantly increase.

However, the team at Point Nine Data Trust is experienced in trade/transaction reporting and is available to take on the entire trade/transaction reporting process for a significantly smaller investment, which is a more cost-effective solution for clients.

Efficiency and Productivity. Today’s regulators demand that financial firms, service providers, and corporations submit timely and accurate data to trade repositories.

The Point Nine Data Trust team understands the challenges that these new regulations impose on companies and corporations. The Point Nine team is available to help ease this burden and streamline the process by following a proven, reliable, and efficient end-to-end service.

We also use cutting-edge technology, which allows for greater efficiency and productivity for clients, significantly reducing the amount of time needed to produce and submit trade/transaction reports.

Full Transparency. Transparency is a priority for clients today. The team at Point Nine Data Trust processes data from various sources, covers all asset classes, and translates and submits the reports to trade repositories in the required formats.

We also provide daily reports, a complete audit trail, updates on trade flow, and regular updates to clients as well as trade repositories.

A Better End-to-End Experience for Clients

The formation of Point Nine Data Trust allows the company to fully dedicate its time and resources to helping clients with their trade/transaction regulatory reporting needs.

Point Nine Data Trust is available to help clients with the process of creating and submitting accurate and timely reports to their respective trade repositories for a better end-to-end experience.

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