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Point Nine Further Expands its Business to London, United Kingdom

2020-06-16 05:06:42

June, 2020 – Point Nine, a leading and innovative post-trade processing and regulatory reporting service provider has recently announced the expansion of its global presence by forming a team in Luxembourg with Paul Goes leading the Sales and Business Development of the region. Now, Point Nine returns with the announcement of further expanding its footprint to the United Kingdom, by appointing Chris Rowe to tackle the region’s Sales and Business Development.

Point Nine’s solution is entirely cloud-based, proprietary, and scalable, allowing its clients to allocate time, budget, and resources to fulfilling their core mission while taking pride in the team of experts behind its success.

“I am pleased to welcome Chris Rowe to Point Nine’s team of experts, and am confident that his extended experience will contribute heavily to Point Nine achieving optimum results”, says Andreas Roussos, Partner and Director at Point Nine.

“This is an exciting opportunity to join Point Nine, and to be a part of the company’s transformative journey,” commented Chris Rowe. “I have been impressed by the team through our interactions so far, and I further appreciate the insights I gained to the potential of the business. I look forward to working with the extended team to bring efficiency to compliance for organisations in the UK with Point Nine’s Services.”

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