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Point Nine MIFIR Annex II Validator Release, March 8, 2021

2021-03-05 01:03:13

ESMA’s rules for the natural persons identifiers to be used in MIFIR transaction reporting are in place and in effect at Point Nine.

We, at Point Nine,  will now apply national identifiers validation, based on the priority as specified in Annex II of RTS 22,  by default on all trade data. A feature previously offered on demand will now be executed by default. However, the option to disable this feature will now be available on demand, reversing the process.

In accordance with ESMA Q&A (Question 2) the table ‘MIFIR Annex II’ shows the list of national client identifiers for natural persons to be used in transaction reports pursuant to the priority specified in Annex II of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/590 (CDR). Question 2 refers to the CDR of Article 6 (1) and (4) of the designation to identify natural persons for CONCAT format which is provided below. 

Point Nine Notifications samples for the natural persons identifiers to be used in MIFIR transaction reporting:

Priority Check:

  • Identifier type CCPT should not be used for Buyer 12121212E on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426021:1. 1st priority for Spain is NIDN
  • Identifier type CONCAT for Buyer 19000101JOHNNBOHOL on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426022:1 is the 2nd priority. 1st priority for United Kingdom is NIDN.
  • Identifier type CONCAT for Execution within firm 19000101JOAHABOHOL on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426023:1 is the 2nd priority. 1st priority for Cyprus is CCPT.
  • Identifier type CCPT for Seller 12121212E on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426024:1 is the 2nd priority. 1st priority for Portugal is NIDN.

Pattern Check:

  • Seller identifier 12121212E does not match the pattern of CCPT for Portugal on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426024:1.
  • Seller identifier AN12121212 does not match the pattern of CCPT for Cyprus on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426025:1.
  • Buyer identifier AX1212121 does not match the pattern of NIDN for Italy on trade id [BBG] BB20210228X1426026:1.

You can find out more details through our dedicated blog post on

MIFIR Annex II – Validator (ESMA Q&A – Question 2)

Samples of population natural persons identifiers

Samples Annex II of RTS 22
Type First Name Last Name Nationality Date of Birth Identifier Type Identifier
Client 1 Jean Cocteau French 4 June 1962 CONCAT FR19620604JEAN#COCTE
Client 2 Jose Luis Rodriguez de la Torre Spanish 27 February 1976 TAX Id Number 99156722T
Representative 1 Fabio Luca Italian 11 October 1974 Fiscal Code ABCDEF1234567890
Trader 1 Peter Morgan Canadian 25 May 1955 Passport Number 1112223334445555
Trader 2 Peter Jones UK 12 June 1976 National Insurance Number AB123456C
Trader 3 John Cross Belgian 2 October 1980 National Number 12345678901
Trader 4 Marie Claire French 2 December 1963 CONCAT FR19631202MARIECLAIR
Trader 5 Juliet Stevens Finnish 10 March 1962 Personal Identity 311280-888Y
Trader 6 Adam Jones Hungarian 13 April 1980 CONCAT HU19800413ADAM#JONES

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